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Sacred Trail Soceity



The Sacred Trail Society is a volunteer based community effort for environmental awareness and custodianship. Volunteers work hands-on in local community public wildlife spaces, trails, waterways, parks, and greenways practicing and encouraging a personal responsibility for ourselves and fellow humankind in the shared wildlife spaces for all life to enjoy.  Although we are a part of nature, we only visit these places while the plant and animal life there call it home.

All trails may be considered sacred in their own right, but even more so for their potential to host meaningful experiences for any who visit or travel them. The plant and animal life that reside there and the spirits of all who lived there before contribute to this experience and offering of opportunity to connect there. Preservation of the natural and wild spaces we share with the earth, water, sky and all its inhabitants are of the utmost importance in our mission.

 Natural, wild, spaces are in constant decline as the push to develop land increases, therefore the opportunity to share in enjoying them is dwindling giving us all the more reason to take care of them, doing what we can to maintain them.

Keeping the land and water clean from trash, litter, and leavings that do not belong there also helps to keep the air clean and the native plant and animal life healthy.

Taking part in this effort and movement is as simple as bringing a bag along with you when visiting these spaces in your local community. Collecting trash or litter others have left behind and disposing of it properly and responsibly.

The wildlife will thank you, as will the next person that visits and is able to enjoy the space as it should be, free from litter.


The Sacred Trail Society is an affiliate of Appalachian Animism.

The Sacred Trail Society volunteer efforts do not include streets, highways, interstate cleanup or roadways with motor vehicle traffic. Use common sense and do not risk your safety to reach an area where dangers are present.



Share your efforts with and inspire the community on social media by using the hashtag #sacredtrailsociety.

Proceeds from store items go to cleanup supplies.   

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