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The custodianship of and responsibility to the dead in animism.

I have never been shamed personally for my craft or practice of working with the dead, however I know many who have. So for those on both sides of this, I share my understanding and experience through animism on the practice.

Animism as a belief in practice share many of the fundamentals with the practice of ancestral veneration. Reverence and respect paid to a life lived, honoring the memory, and celebrating spirit. When it is our family or a loved one, we treat their body as the vessel for a spirit and it is honored in death as well by careful preparation and place of rest for their physical remains. With animism you will find much the same done for the vessels of spirit of flora, fauna, and funga.

Possessions of our departed loved ones are given out as inheritance to those who cared for them in life, these things typically come in the form of jewelry, items of sentiment, and of great importance to the living during their life. This is a gifting ritual being carried out and those honored with the responsibility to be chosen in this ritual are tasked with passing them down as an ongoing story or representation of the one who originally gifted.

The rest of the natural world does this as well in what it leaves behind on earth in death. It's coat, bones, teeth, branches, even driftwood. This inheritance is passed down as a gift to those with a heart, mind, and spirit to honor and keep memory of the life lived, and reverence for the spirit that has become in its physical death. These inheritances also serve the living as a physical connection to the Spirit as the item holds memory, tie and spirit itself of the dead.

The living will hold an article, necklace, ring, picture and feel more connected this way to communicate with the departed now in the spirit world. The same works of the bones and branches, skin and hair, feathers, antlers or any other inheritances left behind and passed down by those of the wild Kingdom.



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