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One Trick Pony

Life being a progression is built on many paths taken in its course. Different lessons learned, different skills and abilities acquired, different healing and growth in each. As human beings we tend to think more short term than long. This is good in that it helps us to live in the moment, or concentrate on the immediate and helps keep us from lingering in the past which is gone- or living in the future, yet to occur. The downside is that we sometimes get stuck in the current, denying ourselves a tomorrow that brings new and different lessons and healing needed.

We get into a rut making tomorrow today and so every new day is another yesterday.

Take for example a path in meditation, a journey of learning and experience that is beneficial and healing. Many take this road but then as they approach a fork, turn around and walk back, start over, or just walk back and forth there remaining on that road. We become defined by that path as we linger there longer and longer, but the path was only meant to aid us in defining for ourselves the next leg of our journey.

Lessons and experiences are meant for our tool kit as learning and knowledge to carry forward, not as a trap against our progress in the scope of life-path.

This message is not against mastery of an area or practice by time spent there but a reminder that all parts of our path are a process to progress. You may master water-witching or water divining, but you still need to eat. You'll never go thirsty in life but you'll surely starve to death without eating. And so you carry that knowledge acquired, or mastery, forward while learning to forage- confident that you can locate water when and as it's needed.

Don't get stuck in a skill but utilize that skill to continue and keep growing. Learn from yesterday, and learn from today, but don't forget tomorrow will lways have something new to teach, and if we are to learn from it, we must be open and available to it. You learned to make fire in a time of need to get warm- maintain that knowledge, practice that skill and keep it sharp. But keep in mind that fire isn't always going to be needed once you've travelled out of the cold, and other skills are necessary to learn and acquire for the success of moving forward in life and path.

So be it herbalism, tarot, the runes, fire making, water divining, hunting, fishing, any ways of healing, knowledge is a gift and a tool for your kit... know how to use them and when.

Don't spend your life being a spoon when one day you will need to be a knife.


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