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To See, or Not.

To See or Not to See: Translating spiritual experience to spiritual understanding.

There are some that will equate spiritual awakening, spiritual experience, to a learning or discovery that nothing is real. They perceive enlightenment in a way of understanding that humankind, our lives, all life and happening are participant in an illusion. Then there are some that will take this initial feeling or interpretation and develop a further, deeper understanding. They come into a place of belief for themselves that all life and all happening are absolutely real. When belief manifests life to be an illusion the spiritual self suffers in this as a consequence. The curious mind weakens- the drive for understanding information, the

pursuit of knowledge ceases, empathy, kindness, care, and love diminish in the spirit, mind and person. When spiritual experience and enlightenment lead to a belief that all life and happenings are real in existing, this fosters the spirit, mind and person to continued enlightenment and growth. Humanity has developed the sciences for this as an example, all born of curiosity and a strive for understanding. In these studies we begin to see the circles and cycles operating, the inner-workings of our world and others. We discover the links and bonds, the harmony of the universe. A beautiful flower blooms overnight seemingly by magic, although visually stimulating we have come to know it is more than illusion. The belief in its being has led to our

discovery, knowledge and understanding of real systems and processes. Seeding, pollination, cross-pollination, photosynthesis, the workings of the soil in its nutrients and minerals, sun, rain, wind, birds, bees, and all the life that serves in this very vast and very real harmony of a single flower blooming. This acquisition of knowledge, as divine understanding or a true enlightenment instigates a greater appreciation for life and its happenings. Opportunity is birthed here to return to a place in this network during our natural lives. We are then working with Wyrd rather than against it by the understanding of all things and life connected. Wyrd as a concept is often dismissed as simply lore or an illusionary web, but it is in fact very real and the proof of it existing is in everything seen and unseen alike.


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